How To: Understand brainwashing techniques

Understand brainwashing techniques

Repetition, repetition, repetition. Brainwashing, is it real? Watch these absolutely stunning segments of hidden camera containing both Bill Clinton, and Barbara Bush. Probably one of the most debatable segments is the one featuring Clinton talking to Larry King behind the scenes. If you turn your volume up it is hard to disregard, that they both in fact knew, Clinton would be elected, and the corruption in media is also clearly demonstrated. There is a segment with Barbara, staring eerily forward with a blank look behind her eyes, while she speaks of delicate information, and lets not forget the lovely Russian songs featured. Another segment will show something not for the weak of heart, a man operating on another mans brain while they are still awake, and coming up with a pretty startling conclusion about what a small voltage will do when applied. Many experiments and other things shown here. Hardly something you would want to miss.

- Clinton on drugs?
- Clinton election decision made in 1984?
- Larry King corrupt?
- Barbara stunning footage
- Propaganda
- CIA mind control weapons
- And much more.

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