How To: Quit drinking

Quit drinking

Thinking it's time to give up the juice? If your need to drink has become a problem, quit. This lifestyle change requires planning and ferocious self-discipline, but everyone has it in them.

You Will Need:
• Determination
• A journal
• Healthy diet
• Exercise
• Leisure time activities
• Counseling (optional)
• Milk Thistle (optional)
• A support group (optional)

Step 1: Throw alcohol out
Rid the house of alcohol as soon as you decide to stop drinking, which should be done with a clear head and not while hugging the base of a toilet bowl.

Step 2: Keep a journal
Keep a journal to track your thoughts and emotions as you quit drinking, reflecting on why you feel you need to drink. Drinking is often a symptom of what's really wrong.

Step 3: Avoid friends and places
Avoid drinking buddies and places where you drink, as well as the situations and habits that invite drinking behavior.

Step 4: Create boundaries
Create boundaries so you can stay sober. Some of your friendships may change, but true friends will understand.

Step 5: Change your diet
Change your diet. Take multivitamins and eat whole foods and grains, greens, and fruit to replace processed sugars, fast foods, and caffeine.

Step 6: Get in shape
Get in shape by working out, running, biking, or swimming. You will feel better being active and changing your lifestyle.

Step 7: Spend time alone
Spend time alone constructively by reading books, taking walks, going to movies, or volunteering for a cause. You're getting to know and like yourself.

Trivia: About 40,000 babies are born each year in the U.S. with forms of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

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